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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sketch Tuesday

     My children are excited about Sketch Tuesday. This is the first time that they have participated and they are just a little over joyed. Their dad uploaded their sketches to the computer and sent them to Harmony Art Mom's email. Since then they have asked a couple of times, "When can we see our pictures?" That will probably be the first thing on our agenda tomorrow because I'm sure that will be the first thing that will come out of their mouths as soon as they arise and begin to wake up.
    We will be leaving Thursday for a short vacation so the next few days we are going to be quite busy. We are trying to finish up what I have on my first round of lesson plans for the year. I only make my plans up about 3 to 4 weeks at the time. Our studies usually last longer than 3 weeks for a topic, but we love pulling in extra library books to suppliment our study so I don't like getting to far ahead in my lesson plans. Depending on how many extra books we pull in depends on how quickly we move through my lesson plans.
    Today my children started working in some beginner piano lesson books that we had found at a thrift store over the weekend. They seem to be understanding the material pretty good so far. My daughter seriously practiced the exercises. My son was kind of funny. Shortly after he had started he was ready to quit. Supposively his hand was hurting. I can assure you that he had not done enough of the exercise for that to be happening. We will just see how his lessons go. I play some by ear so I really hope my children do pick up on it.
     I'll wrap up our week towards the end of the week before we leave, lor's willing. Happy home schooling to everyone this week, Traci 

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