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Monday, January 17, 2011

Division of Subjects

     We chose not to take a holiday today beings we were at home anyway. We decided that we would school and take another day off in the future since we are just getting back in to the swing of things after the Christmas holidays.
     We are working out of our Writing Strands book this week for our English & Creative Writing lessons. They are going to have to write about one of theirfriends. I'm curious to see the outcome of this writing assignment.
     The children and I had a toss up as to what book we would read this time for our Literature selection. Our final decision was Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates by Mary Mapes Dodge. Beings this book's setting is in Holland (The Netherlands), most of our geography this quarter will revolve around The Netherlands. Our Spelling/Vocabulary words also will come from this book. This brings in a refresher of dictionary skills.
    We thought it would be appropriate to pull in a Dutch artist to go along with our Geography & Literature so we have chosen Vincent van Gogh. We will read a chapter on Monday & Wednesday from the biography we have chosen on him and then, on Friday we'll study some of his art work. Picture study is a part of Charlotte Mason's Philosophy that we have not done in the past. I am trying to incorporate as many of Charlotte's methods as possible in my children's education as I can. The insight that she has on developing a love of learning in your child I feel like is the way to give your child a life long education. Their education doesn't stop after 12 years, but travels on through time with them.
     Finally, to my title to this post, division of subjects, where do they separate? We are suppose to be studying the Romans and Greeks for history this half of our year, but where do I find time. There is so much that we are covering with our Literature selection and our artist I just don't see how we are going to fit the Romans and Greeks in with our schedule. Hopefully, we'll locate a spot somewhere for them. With all that we are discovering in our Literature, artist biography, & geography lessons, I feel like we will be having two history studies if we do embark on the Romans and Greeks. I'm sure the Lord will show us where to draw the line. He has always been faithful to lead me down this homeschool journey.
Feel free  to give your input on how you all divide your subjects. I would beexcited to hear. Until next time, everyone have a happy homeschooling week, Traci

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michelle said...

That certainly is a struggle for all of us. I do all the main subjects every day but Wednesday. Grammer, geography, and spanish are only done two days a week. I keep science and history very short three days a week. Wednesdays are our project days. We spend alot of time on science and history, we do art and music. We also spend time doing some of the very many educational games that I have. We are very busy on Tuesday nights, so this helps with our week on Wednesdays for it to be more casual. The only other thing we do on Wednesdays is independent reading. Hope this helps some!

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