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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

At Ease With the S. A. T. Test

Well, today was the big day. Today was the first time my children have taken the S. A. T. test. We have considered it in the past, but never followed through with it. This year we decided to go for it.
My children will be required To take the ACT test to graduate under our covering. I don't want the ACT test to be the first timed test not given by me so I thought the S. A. T. test would be a great way to familiarize them with formal test taking.
They stepped in to the test room this moorning a bit on the gittery side. By the time they came out for break they were at ease. They both were talking ab out different questions that were on the test, amazed at how much of the information they were familiar with.
My daughter has to take the test a year higher than my son & she said there were a couple of things that we had not covered in our Science, but she said she thinks she gave it a pretty good guess. I told her that's ok that we can't expect to score well on information that we haven't covered.
Both seem to be confident about tomorrow. They don't seem to be scared to face it like they were this morning.
Well, I must cut my post short because we are doing early bedtimes this week. So until next time, bless you all, Traci

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