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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lesson Plans and Schooling

     Our year is winding down. I sat down over the weekend with my hubby and we laid our lesson plans out for our last nine weeks of school for this school year. Everything looks great on paper. Now if we can only accomplish them all. It's going to be strenuous to bring us up to the point I want us to be at the end of this school term. We'll take it one day at a time. We may have to shuffle things from time to time, but we'll work until the end and pick up the next school term.
     My children are having a blast with a portion of their math. We are working out of a book called Using the Standards of Geometry published by Instructional Fair. It is only a third grade level of Geometry, but a great book for laying a solid foundation. The book says third grade level, but it gets a bit intensive towards the middle and end for a third grader. My children like this book due to all of the hands on material. It's not just page after page of problems. Wariety is all through the book. Drawing the shapes, labeling the shapes, crossword puzzles using the definitions to the geometric terms, games, etc. The work in the book is quick and easy, but is wonderful to begin Geometry. There are only 70 pages of work/fun in this book, but packed with great information and explinations of Geometry. I would recommend this book to others.
     I managed to get my humming bird feeders filled today. My daughter was sitting at our kitchen table when she saw one come up to one of our feeders trying to get some nectar out of it. I knew then it was time for me to quit procrastinating and just get them in the house and fill them up. Our humming birds should be shouting for joy now. They are filled and waiting for them to come and enjoy.
     My hubby and children raked a portion of our yard this evening. When they were raking my children saw earthworms under the leaves, so guess what. Yes, you guest it. We are homeschoolers so they immediately decided to begin a worm bed and study them for a while. And by the way, that was not in the lesson plans we had drawn up this weekend. Their dad give them homework using their computer finding out information on the earthworm. I am looking forward to seeing their own study. I just want to see what bits of information they'll find informational to present to their dad. I'll update more on the worm bed in the future.
     For now, I had best be going. I want to read a few blogs myself. Happy homeschooling to you all, Traci

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Charlotte Mason in the City said...

I am envious that you get to see hummingbirds. It's so rare for me to see one. Enjoy them!

We have seen our first robin this spring, but no other birds returning after the winter yet. We're watching for them. We did have a hawk eating a pigeon on our fire escape a few days ago. Wow, that was up close and personal. And...sorta yuck. :)

Nice to read what you're doing in your homeschool.

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