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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Being Thankful and Getting Ready For Spring Break

   We did it! Or, I should say they did it! The results to the S. A. T. came in yesterday, something I've been extremely nervous about. But thank the Lord we can all relax now. My children did exceptionally well. They scored a bit lower than I thought they would in Math, but other than that, for their ages, they aced the test, yea! Right on track with everything, or ABOVE. Just have to work on the Math a little more.
   I was so nervous because we haven't had any formal English lessons since my children were 7 &8 years old. They had some grammar before we discovered the Charlotte Mason style of education. They will be 11 & 12 this year and scored right at an eighth grade level or higher in all subjects, except Math. It was around the sixth grade level so I am over joyed.
   My children are off to the beach on Monday with their aunt for spring break. After receiving our test results and seeing how well they did on them, I'd say that they well deserve their spring break trip.
I used this statement in my last post, "The proof is in the pudding." Our pudding sure was sweet when we received our test results. Charlotte Mason's method proved out for our family.
   We have three more weeks of our school year left when they return. Surprisingly, we have almost finished up everything I had wanted to do before the end of the year. I didn't think we were going to get anywhere near what I wanted done accomplished. But, my children worked very hard and are almost finished with it all. (Of course, they had an incentive to urge them forward, the beach.)
   While they are gone to the beach next week dad & mom have some wonderful quality time together, hurray! I'm not sure how exciting my dear hubby is going to think it is when we are organizing my library, and I do mean library. We have dropped in our local thrift store so many times just to SEE what books they might have. All of those drop ins have developed in to a library. We have found some treasures though, if I do say so myself.
   Organizing my books and cleaning my closet area is how we plan to spend our quality time together next week. Hope my sweetheart is up for it.


Karen said...

Hey Traci!
First of all congrats on your kids scores! How proud you must be of them and of YOU. :)

And yes I am in Alabama. Northern Alabama. Nice to meet another Alabama girl. :)

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Congrats on the scores. I know we don't homeschool because we want good test scores, but they are still nice to see. Pats on the back to you, Mama!

Traci's Teaching Times said...

You are so right, we don't homeschool because of the scores. I give all of the glory to God. Their accomplishments are because of prayer, not anything I've done. We only took the test to prepare for when we are older and have to take the A. C. T. I wanted them to have the true feel of what it will be like when they have to take the A. C. T.
Thanks for the congrats.

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