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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cookies + Books = Great Family Time

It's Library Read Aloud time and Mamma made Chocolate Chunk Pecan Cookies, mmm...good.

One of our most favorite family times is grabbing our read aloud book and gathering around daddy so he can read to us. We have such wonderful discussions over our books during this time. These discussions have proven to help my children retain the information we have read. There has been books that we have read several years back that my children still talk about, act out scenes from, etc. My family enjoys our family time over a great book. Memories are being made and relationships are being developed.
Oh, and sometimes we make that time just a little more special with a nice snack. Fresh hot cookies straight from the oven sets the atmosphere for a wonderful reading time, or it does in our family. So tonight whip up some cookie dough, grab a great book for your family to share, and make some memories with your family. I promise you, you'll not regret it.


Michelle said...

How wonderful!! I've been really slack on reading out loud this year. Too busy trying to keep up with the little ones. I've been working hard on focusing in and making sure that I do it and its a huge success. Always has been. They love it!
Have a wonderful week friend!

Michelle said...

Would love to exchange postcards with you!! My grandfather grew up in Gadsden Alabama. I've never visited there and hope to one day!! Maybe I'll roll up in my camper with the kids to check it out and we can get together!

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Occasionally I'll make a treat to serve with a special drink while we do schoolwork, but I've never done that for a read aloud, but reading your post makes me want to.
Fun times.

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Heather we don't always have cookies&milk. I do it far enough a partthat it doesn't lose excitement. I also try to make it a surprise if any way possible, like cooking the snack while they are playing outside, daddy is entertaining them, etc. It has always been a hit at our house. Let me know how it goes if you try it.

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