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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly Rap Up

Our week was thrown off coarse a bit, but we still accomplished much. Let's see, my daughter reinforced her home management skills by rearranging her bedroom and cleaning it, washed, dried, and put away her clothes,and served us breakfast two mornings. One morning she cooked us some delicious strawberry cheesecake muffins and another morning she cooked and served us with tasty blueberry muffins. (Wonderful job Sarah Grace) My son also rearranged his room and cleaned it and washed, dried, and put away his clothes. (Washing their clothes is not part of their normal chores, but I do require them to do this every now and then to be sure that they could do it if in a place that they would have to.) We did two math lessons, two Simply Grammar lessons, a Proof Reading and Editing lesson,read from The Bronze Bow and The Greatest Story Ever Told, began a nature essay using our cameras to capture the nature photos that will be in the essay, did four geography lessons, worked on two Physics lessons, and for our grand finale we read, narrated, and rewrote our own version of The Three Little Pigs.
I feel like we had a productive week. I plan to put my children's Three Little Pigs stories on my blog one day next week, Lord's willing. Other than a park day with our local home school group, I think that was our week.
It's late and I have church in the morning so I'll post more later. Until next time, Happy homeschooling.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful week!! WE didn't get alot accomplished here, but it was really a great week to get organized in the house. I got rid of eight trashbags filled with clothes and a whole trunk full of stuff went to the thrift store. It feels good to get rid of stuff@

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