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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blue Indigo Bunting in the Neighborhood

    Ok, we have found us some wonderful nature that we are going to study for a few days or so. While we've been walking to try to get fit, I kept hearing a bird that I wasn't familiar with its sound. I told my husband I would like to know what kind of bird that was. So yesterday while we were out walking my husband and children saw it, kept easing up to the tree where it had landed, took some pictures, and observed for about 20 or 30 minutes. They came to the conclusion it was a Blue Indigo Bunting.
    When we got home they got on the computers and did their research. Sure enough it was an Indigo Bunting. They are suppose to be in our area, but no one ever sees them. It's so rare that you see them, one of the ladies in our home school group almost fell out her window at her home trying to sneak a picture of one without scaring it off.
    We have plans to study its habits for a while, etc. And of course, take as many pictures as possible.

Here are the pics my children took.

    We could see it with our eyes to identify that it was an Indigo but our little camera doesn't have enough zoom.

Here's pic's from the internet.

 This beautiful watercolor was done by Louis Agassiz Fuertes around 1912. The Blue Indigo bunting is male & the Brown Bunting bird is female. 

I'll keep you all updated on how our study is coming along.


Charlotte Mason in the City said...

I had never heard of these birds until a few years ago we saw one while on a road trip. We stopped at a national or state park in Ohio for a breakfast picnic and kept seeing a bright-blue blur flitting by. We identified it as a bunting using a field guide. I've never seen one since so I guess they are not in my area. Such a beautiful bird!

I recognize the name Louis Agassiz Fuertes from some of our studies...I love when that happens.

Diane said...

We had an Indigo Bunting feeding at our bird feeder for about two weeks off and on. Beautiful little bird. Such a treat to get to see.

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