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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pay It Forward

   Hi everyone, I am so excited because I just recieved my Letterbox of Love from Makita over at Academia Celestia. There were three chosen to recieve the gifts and I was thankfully blessed to be one of them.

   We were amazed to learn of the Thunderegg, Oregon's state rock.

   This rock will definitely be a nice addition to our rock collection.

   Then there's Oregon's Myrtlewood Tree which is known as a tree of beauty. The Mytlewood has tiny buds that burst into small white clusters of blossoms at Christmas. Then they turn into a greenish-yellow olive-like fruit . Many woodcrafters buy the wood from this tree to create beautiful works that will last and last.

   This Myrtlewood Tube Squeezer was one of our gifts and works great. Thanks Makita!

   We also love our postcards!

   Mt. Bachelor, Smith Rock State Park and Crater Lake. We decided that we would love to go there someday.
   Ft. Bridger is a definate being we love the Ft. Bridger series by Al & Joanna Lacy.

   Now it's my turn to Pay it forward to three blessed bloggers.
The one and only guideline for the Pay It Forward fun is that as a recipient you must also Pay It Forward.
   With that said, If you would like to recieve a surprise of a gift from me, then comment me and let me know that you want a letterbox of love and are willing to Pay It Forward to someone else. I will draw three names and contact the winners! But, I must have at least 3 comments.

   This is very fun and not expensive, so come on and share your state or country now.



Michelle said...

Traci-so glad you're okay!! Yes, we did receive the postcards and the kids loved them. I held off sending ours until I heard that you were okay. Now, the three year old moved the envelope on me. I'm cleaning so I should find it today (I hope) and get it to you tomorrow! Thank you, take care, and God Bless!

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Michelle, glad you guys received your pos cards. You dont have to be n a hurry sending our's. When ever you get to them that will be fine.

Beloved's Bride said...

I am very much enjoying your blog. THanks again for letting me peak in.

Makita said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you received our package and that it provided some points of interest. :)

You might repost .. in hopes that you can elicit some interest. Not having a large following like some homeschool bloggers, I have encountered similar frustrations.

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