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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Late Weekly Wrap-Up

     I've missed a few Weekly Wrap-Ups so this weeks will be a little longer.
Our Week starts with Apologia's Exploring Creation With Physical Science, Module 2-The Study of Air.

This is the list of materials for Experiment 2.1 Evaporation and Temperature; A small glass, 2 cotton balls, tap water, a bulb thermometer and a small piece of plastic such as sandwich bag or a piece of trash bag, etc...

Sarah reads the instructions before we start.
Put about 1/4 water in a small glass as soon as you turn the faucet on so the water will be as close to room temperature as possible. Now drop 2 cotton balls in the water.
Lay the bulb thermometer on the plastic bag with the bulb touching the plastic bag. Next squeeze the excess water out of the cotton balls and lay them on the bulb of the thermometer, covering it completely.
Be sure to note the temperature (ours was 78 degrees F).
Wait 10 minutes, then recheck the temperature and note the change (ours dropped to 72 degress F).
Matthew reads about what happened and how it happened.
We learned that as the water evaporated out of the cotton balls, the temperature cooled.
This is our Module 2.3 experiment which is about Oxygen & Fire

Our material list for experiment 2.3; 1 liter bottle, 1 pack of yeast, hydrogen peroxide, matches, small candle, thick jar or glass, balloon, 1Cup measuring cup and 1tsp measuring spoon.
First we lit the candle and put the jar over it.
In just a few seconds the flame consumed all of the oxygen in the jar and the flame went out.
Matthew reads the instructions as Sarah does the mixing.
Matthew uses a funnel & measuring cup to pour in the Hydrogen Peroxide in the bottle. Then Sarah uses a measuring spoon for the yeast & pours it in the bottle.

Matthew holds the bottle while Sarah quickly puts the balloon over the openning of the bottle.

Now shake the mixture up. The hydrogen peroxide and yeast mix reacts quickly making oxygen bubbles and actually gets hot to the touch. It's really neat to watch the balloon fill up with air.

Look at the all the bubbles that filled the bottle, wow!

Sarah lets air (oxygen) out of the balloon slowly to feed the little flame while Matthew holds the glass up.

Final results; The oxygen that was trapped in the balloon makes the little flame get bigger. As we fed the oxygen we had created from the balloon to the flame itgrew larger & brighter. We learned that too little oxygen as well as too much oxygen in the air around us could prove dangerous.
We also finished reading Where the Red Fern Grows this week, along with our Compositions. Maybe I'll find time to post those on my blog later.

     Saxon math was still a plus at our house even at the end of the week.
Sarah & Matthew wanted to "precamp" in our backyard to try out the new tent before we go on our camping trip.

Matthew's waving goodbye & goodnight to everybody.

That's it for our latest Wrap-Up. If you want all the Weekly-Wrap-Up's you can get, then go to Weird, Unsocialized Homeschooler's and you'll find plenty!

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Phyllis said...

We were supposed to do these experiments this week...but it didn't happen. Maybe this week. :) Looks like a great week! How are your postcards doing?

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