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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Test, Camping, Test, Test

Ok, my DC must be giving this camping trip we've got planned a trial run. They are in our back yard tonight with the tent up. I personally would rather have not drug it out and put it up tonight, but after I walked to our back door earlier and eased it open and heard the laughter and talking that was going on, I'm so thankful I did. They're building a relationship for life. I can just hear them now when they are older saying, "Remember when we used to pull the tent out and camp in the back yard, that was the good old days, wasn't it."
As for our schooling, things have been going great. We are pushing our selves this week in hopes of no books next week.
Our Saxon 8/7 math came in and we have thoroughly been enjoying it. Today, my children were telling me that math has been their subjecdt that they hated the most, but after a few lessons in Saxon, Math is our favorite subject. Those words bring melody to my ears. My DD went so far as to say she thinks she is going to really enjoy Algebra. Those are words I thought I would not ever hear.
I'm just now getting to my weekly wrap up from last week so I think I am just going to wait until Friday & cover both weeks in one wrap up.
Well, it looks like time has gone by again so I had better go for now. Happy homeschooling to all of you.


Beloved's Bride said...

OH, I bet they will have a fabulous time in the back yard camping! Do you think they will make it all night in the tent?

WOw. Loving Saxon?! That is music to my ears too. We use Saxon and when I say that name homeschool mom's seem to run for cover! giggle!

Traci's Teaching Times said...

My big campers did not make it through the night. Supposively a panther was heard by sister, brother was asleep. Possibly could have been a panther beings we saw tracks of one a few months ago on the trail that goes into the woods back behind our house. Their going to try it again tonight.

Beloved's Bride said...

Fabulous! (sigh) I would be inside too! ;)

We are camping too. We hear coyotes.

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