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Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting The House Ready For Christmas

    We will have very little schooling today, if any. We are going to focus on getting our Christmas tree put up & our house decorated . We'll put our Christmas music on & have a day of enjoying each other as we pull things together. It's cold out so probably due for a game night afterwards. Making memories with my children is my goal. When they are older I want them to look back & remember the great times we had as a family in our home life. I pray the things I do with my children will inspire them to build a good relationship with their children, should the Lord choose to bless them with any.
    Here's a pic of my Thanksgiving cactus. This is the first year I have ever gotten it to bloom on Thanksgiving day, yea!

     This poor flower has been put through it. It should be much bigger, beings I have had it for about 7 years, but for some reason when my children were smaller they thought it to be a great idea to pull it up a few times a year. Thank goodness we are passed that stage & it can have a freedom to grow now, he he he. Of course, if I would show it a bit more attention it would probably help matters also.
    Well, better get to my task for the day. The tree won't jump out of the box & decorate itself. Happy Home Schooling!


Michelle said...

oh Sounds like a wonderful day!! It only took us an hour to decorate this year. Our tree is super tiny, only 4 ft (which is really small for us). We still had a good time doing it. Enjoy your day!

Blossom said...

Lovely cactus! I thought it was called a Christmas cactus?? But yours bloomed at Thanksgiving- that is wonderful! I had one for many many years and it never bloomed once. :( I am not very good with plants lol.

Mama Bird said...

I saw you visited my blog and was wondering my location ( it's not in my profile) I am in the far north. We love cactus mainly because we do not have them up here. My son has had one in his window for 3 years though.

Jennifer@Mommy Y said...

Good for you and your Thanksgiving cactus! It's hard to grow anything with kids around. We're struggling with getting our tree up this week too. Today is day 3 at attempting to decorate it... we need to clear a day for it!

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