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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Missing My Little Sweety Girl

My Little Sweety Girl is gone for the week (& Mom is sniffling). My M-I-L fell yesterday and received a concussion from her fall, with a few other little problems & has to be watched for the next 48 hours so Sweety Girl is playing nurse for her Me Mah. My M-I-L is 76 years old so the Dr. doesn't want her doing anything for the next 4 days so Sweety Girl also gets to play house (real house, cooking, cleaning, the whole nine yards). In a way I feel blessed that she is capable of doing this & is available to step in when help is needed, but I do miss her so much. I have always enjoyed having my children right under my skirt tail. They're a part of my life & I feel so lost when they are not around. I know she is only about 15 miles up the road, but when she's not around she may as well be across the ocean from me (sniff, sniff).
So due to our new plans, school is almost not happening. Sweety Girl took her Saxon 8/7 math, Exploring Creation With Physical Science to be working on her Study Guide at the end of the Modgel, & her library books, but hasn't devoted much time to it being at Me Mah's house. Little Man & I are supposed to be working on the same thing, but it hasn't happened either. This may have to become a fall break that we did not have in the schedule.
I suppose that is all that is going on around our house. I'd better go so I can get the names ready for me to pull for my blog give away. I'll announce the winner in a bit. Happy Homeschooling!

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