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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vacating in Pompeii in the Magic Tree House

In Our Week This Week:
    We've spent most of our time out side of our home. The week started off with my M-I-L falling, shaking her brain, causing a concussion. From that point our entire week was turned up side down. Our plans were totally changed.
    My daughter was going to stay at her Me Mah's to make sure that she wasn't having any complications. Well, that lasted through the night & over in to the next evening. Everything was going pretty good, with the exception that Me Mah did not want to eat or drink anything. Naturally, that was making her sick & have a headache, but how was we to be sure. What if it was due to the blow to her head? So we had to pack our bags and go stay also so we could black-mail Me Mah, "If you don't eat, we're taking you back to the hospital (which she hates)." She began to eat in small portions and all of the sickness and headaches disappeared.

I Have Been Inspired By:
    my daughter showing me that she was able to step in & run a home should the need ever arise. We have not had a Home Economics course, just training from time to time through her chores. I found out this week that she has learned what she has been taught.

Homeschooling This Week:
    Was a very light week. We managed to do one math lesson on Monday & read a couple of chapters in a Magic Tree House book, Vacation Under the Volcano.

    This is a book where Jack & Annie go to Italy to visit Pompeii. Even though the Magic Tree House books are pretty easy reading, my children love going on the adventures with Jack & Annie. If we can find one that deals with a topic that we have been studying, it is just a fun way to reinforce our study. (We have also found the Box Car Children books to be like that also.) There's not anything like adding a great fun & relaxing book in to our schooling.
     We finished up Vacation Under the Volcano by the end of the week. With all that we had to do this week, this was all the schooling that was accomplished, just some fun reading.

    We did not finish up my plans for this week so we'll pick them back up next week.
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Chef Penny said...

Don't you love homeschooling where you can do what is necessary for your family? Sounds like a good week anyway!

Phyllis said...

I hope all is well soon. We all have weeks like this sometimes. That is great that your daughter can run the household in your absence.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Oh, no! So sorry to hear about your MIL! Is she feeling better? How mature and caring of your daughter to step up and take care of the household while you were busy! GREAT job!

Love the Magic Tree House books? I can't wait until my youngest is reading them. (I think he would enjoy them and the Magic School Bus chapter books.) Did you know that on the Magic Tree House website they have a passport? After reading the books, you can take a "quiz" and if you "pass" get a "sticker" for the passport book. Pretty cool!

Thanks for the book suggestion! I WAS looking for another perspective! It seems like most books are from the Pilgrims viewpoint. I'll have to see if the library has it!

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Jessie, I did not know about the Magic Tree House site and all that it has. Thanks for that info. I'll have to check that out. Sounds like a great way for some testing & a great way to show where we have traveled.

Lisa said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mil. How blessed she is to have you all to care for her. How wonderful of your daughter to step in when she is needed to take care of her grandma. Awesome! :-)

We love the Magic Tree House books here. They reinforce the important topics in a fun way. The kids in those books have "met" everyone from Mozart to George Washington, lol! :-)

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.

I hope you are having a blessed weekend,

Michelle said...

Thankful that your daughter could help out with her grandmother! Praying you have a wonderful week!

Jenny said...

I didn't know about the Magic Tree House site/passport, either. Fun! I'm sure that's a really great feeling to have your daughter step up in such a responsible way. I hope your MIL is doing okay.

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