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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Week Down

    In My Life This Week: I began the week by giving my Sweetheart a small gift for Valentine each day. I had read an article about being a marriage warrior, one who is for marriage so I decided to take the week to show my children that you have to work at a marriage to keep it. Each day I just gave my husband a little small gift as a token of my love, 
Monday: a monkey balloon that said I love you with a small bag of chocolate peanut butter hearts,
Tuesday: a Valentine pig with a top hat on (piggy bank) with some chocolate coins to let him know that I considered him a treasure to me,
Wednesday: a little book with love poems & quotes in it with a heart with the little candy hearts in it that said "Be Mine" on it,
Thursday: I give him a card expressing my feelings of how he has been my best friend with a small cardboard heart that had a few pieces of chocolate in it that said "Friends Forever" on the front of it, today he is getting a little set of love birds that are kissing with some more chocolate hearts with a note that tells him "I'm saving all my kisses just for him." I found all of these cute little gifts at our local Dollar Tree, very inexpensive, but enough of thought behind it to get the point across that after 13 1/2 years I am still in love with him.
    To my amazement, on Wednesday I began receiving gifts, not that I was looking for them, but I did. The love still remains on both sides. I told my children that is the way a marriage is suppose to be, love coming from both spouses. Love is not a one sided relationship.
    In Our Home Schooling: we had a great week in math, yes, in math. We have done a math lesson every day this week, hurray! Only a bit in our Government study, but almost an entire Module in our Apologia: Exploring Creation With Physical Science. We have been learning about the Lithosphere & the earth's magnetic field this week. We did our experiments for the Module & will be watching some videos today.
    We have not been doing any formal grammar so we decided to pull out our Simply Grammar book this week & did a couple of exercises in it. Most of the time, we do this verbally.
     I would have to say though that Literature has been the hot subject around here. We have been reading "Little Men" & the entire family is enjoying it. I am loving the way that lots of character traits are being brought out in this book.
    What I'm Thankful For This Week: that I serve a God that is big enough to handle any situation. Praise be to my God!
    On Another Note: my daughter has had the privilege to be one of the mail Valentine birds that delivers gifts to our Senior citizens in our church. It has been a tremendous treat for her. She has come home every day with a new story to tell about what one of them did or something they said when she delivered. I'm not sure who's having more fun this week, the Seniors who are receiving their gift each day, or my daughter who is having a blast watching them receive their gift. She has made some new friends this week. Some friends where she can gain much wisdom should she desire.
    Question For The Week: What did your 7th & 8th grader's school year look like? Curriculum?
Places We're Going/People we are seeing: we finished up our week with a youth service tonight. We had 45 there, that's good. It was a wonderful time of fellowship.
    I think this will about sum up our week. Until next time, Traci
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Dawn said...

How sweet that your husband responded with gifts back to you. It sounds like you all had a great week.

Lisa said...

How wonderful that you gave your husband so many thoughtful gifts and that he reciprocated! Very, very sweet! :-) You had a very productive homeschooling week, good for you! For math and science, my 7th and 8th graders are doing Saxon's Algebra 1/2 and Apologia's Biology. We do Sonlight's American history with all of my kids together, as well as Bible time. I always enjoy reading how much you do and how much you and your hubby care for each other. What great lessons to teach your children! Many blessings, Lisa

Julie said...

Sounds like you had a busy week. Showing your sweetheart that you care is awesome!!
Mmm....I might have to make a starter for Friendship bread now. I haven't done that one in a while...

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