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Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

    In My Life This Week: We've had the norm of a week, not anything spectacular. School work was done, house was cleaned, cooked, & took care of pets.
    We did have one extra pet this week. My nephew had a sick puppy that he brought over for us to take care of while he was at school & work. All of the dog training & puppy taking care of skills that we studied a while back were put in to action. This little guy was a sick pup when he was brought to us. He's doing great now. Here's a pic of the little fellow.

    I did have one accomplishment this week. I finished an afghan this week.

    I should have already finished it, but I just haven't worked on it. I enjoy crocheting. That is my pass time while I am sitting with the children while they work on some of their school work. I crochet while they are working a math problem, answer a question in their Science, etc. I'm not just sitting idle.
House Work/De Clutter: Normal house work, laundry, dishes, bathroom, made beds, floors, & then did some dusting and cleaned my entire desk. My desk was much in the need for some attention. It looks great now.
    Home Schooling For the Week: We finished Module 6 in our Apologia: Exploring Creation With Physical Science on the Lithosphere. I really wanted to study a little more on the earth's magnetic field, but haven't found any books yet to take it in to a deeper study. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    There are a couple of experiments we have skipped in the past 2 Modules. I think we are going to take an experiment day & just do all of them.
    Saxon 8/7 has been a breeze this week. There were several lessons on division & decimals so we were able to just move right through them. My children love working with decimals. So math was not a subject I had to beg & plead with this week.
    Our great Literature read comes to an end. We finished up Little Men this week. My children have enjoyed this book so much. I suppose it was due to the character Jo, they felt like they knew her already from Little Women. They did find some favorite characters in this book also. That's one of the great privileges of reading great Literature, you feel like you know the characters by the time you reach the end of the book. In some way you just feel connected to them in the end.
    Still no English. Oh, I've got to get with the program.
    For our History this week we have been reading a library book titled If You Were there When They Signed The Constitution by Elizabeth Levy. We have also been reading another library book titled The Summer of 1787, which we will be reading for the next few weeks.
    In reading these books we've been learning why the Articles of Confederation would not work for a permanent government, causing the Constitution to be written. We also learned that people think that Shay's Rebellion had something to do with the writing of the constitution.
    Shay's Rebellion was new to my children. We have not studied this in the past.
Here's a few links to some videos we watched this week on the Articles of Confederation & the Constitution;

     The Background of United States Constitution
     The Articles of Confederation
      Benjamin Franklin Biography
     John Hanson Our First President
     The Articles of Confederation 1781

    What I'm Cooking: We are trying a recipe from another home school mom that we ran across this week, Taco Chicken. I'll let you all know how we like it. Probably will be a big hit with my family. My bunch loves some Mexican foods, also Italian.
    Helpful Hint for the Week: REMEMBER, we don't have to finish the entire book in one year & we can pick & choose what we want our students to learn. We are the teacher. The Curriculum should never be the driver. So, beings we are the driver, we can choose the speed we travel.
    Goals for Next Week: Hope to get my kitchen cabinets pulled out & shop-vac. I like to do this to keep my cabinets organized.
    Pic/Video: Just a quick pic of one of my Valentine cards I received. I think it is so pretty. My hubby knows I like butterflies so this card was perfect.

    I suppose this will about wrap us up for the week. To read about more great weeks drop over to the HMJ & Weekly Wrap Up to read some other great blogs.


Amy said...

Sounds like you had a great week. I love your afgan. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Wow! Your afgan is beautiful! You're quite talented!

Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said...

Your afgan is GORGEOUS! I have tried to crochet many times but I pretty much stink at it, so I'm always stunned when I see such beautiful work. Great job!

Chaos Cottage said...

That is a beautiful afghan. I don't believe I have seen one like that. I wish I could crochet. I've only done a few beginner stitches. One day, I plan on learning more.

Sherry said...

The puppy is just so adorable!!! And the afghan is really gorgeous.

Have a blessed week,


Julie said...

Nice crochet work. That is something I haven't done since elementary school. I quilt while my son works...if I have my chores done;)

Phyllis said...

Sounds like a lovely week to me!! Your afgan is so beautiful!

Nicole said...

Beautiful afghan and SO cute puppy!

Kympossible said...

Beautiful afghan!! Thanks for visiting my blog - returning the favor!

Have a great week!

Laurie said...

I so admire your afghan. It is beautiful. I enjoy crochet, but have yet to stick to it long enough to make something. Maybe potholders are my thing! Your literature study sounds wonderful. It is great to share a great with book with our kids!

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