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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up2012, 2013 Week 1 Weekly Wrap Up

     Time and duties just don't always work together. I have been wanting to put a post on my blog, but time has not permitted due to the duties I have had getting school supplies ready to pass out at our church tomorrow (give or take, about 100 bags), home schooling, family life duties, etc. Hopefully, this week things will begin to slow their pace a bit and return to normal, if there is a norm for home schooling life, hehehe.
     Even with my home being bombarded with school supplies on my kitchen table, on my couch, in my living room floor, and all over my bedroom, we have really accomplished a lot this week. My daughter did one Shurley 'English lesson & three Saxon Algebra 1/2 math lessons. My son did two Shurley English lessons & two Saxon Algebra 1/2 math lessons. All other subjects were worked together, four Literature reading settings from Oliver Twist, along with working on outlines with the reading, four Appologia: Exploring Creation With Physical Science lessons, two History/Bible lessons coming from The Complete Works of Josephus and the book of Genesis, our daily Spelling exercise, & American Sign Language on Friday. It was a great week to begin our school year. One week down and 35 more to go for the year.
     Here are some pics of our week: (Oh I forgot, I also had three extra children this week, a niece & two nephews) so it really was a productive week because I also had to come up with some lessons for my nephews, who always has to do schooling when they are here and see my children working on school.

Pre-preschool for my sweet little nephews. They are gluing pasta noodles to paper to make the letter "H" after reading the Cats and Hats book.

Boys with their hats on & showing their schoolwork, "H" is for hat!

Matthew at his desk working on his Saxon Math.

Fun time! It's time for experiment 9.1 (the importance of direction) from Apologia.

Getting everything setup for our experiment. Always follow the instructions to get the best results & less mess.

Two eggs traveling one behind the other and touch at the bottom of the ramp when the first eggs speed reduced when it contacted the level surface. Miminal damage is done when the second egg still rolling full speed, taps the first egg with it's decelerated speed. Then we built two ramps facing each other and let an egg roll from both ramps at the same time, not a pretty sight! What a fun way to learn about "speed & velocity!"

Matthew gluing pictures of animals to show some of  "Gods creations" that were named by Adam.

Sarah's great artwork, showing God's handiwork to keep Adam very busy by naming many, many animals.

This is both childrens mini-creation posters.

     That our Weekly Wrap-Up! Now go to Kris's blog to see some more great homeschooling weeks around the world!


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Michelle said...

you got a ton done this week with extra kiddos and lots of bags to pack!!! I never would have accomplished that much!!

Hope your enjoying your weekend!!

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