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Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Use To Things

I have missed my blogging friends and seeing how everyone's school year was going. Now I am starting a new account with Blogger and keeping my HS Blog. So, please bear with me while I get use to things over here.

I am looking to find more Charlotte Mason style homeschool bloggers so I can converse with them. If any of you know some that school along that line could you ask them to drop in and become friends with me so I can share in their schooling ideas.

I sat down last night putting my lesson plans for the next month on paper. It really looks like a great layout to start the year with. In my next post I will list the things that we have chosen to start our year with.

I will say this time, that we had used nothing but living books last year for our history and when my children told me that they wanted to study Ancient Egypt I thought I would just purchase the A Beka 7th grade book because it would go right along with that study, until my DS informed me that that wasn't a living book. So I guess we'll be putting together our own books to cover the content. Anyone with any great books on this topic, we are open to suggestions. I guess I have to admit though, I was a little excited that my child (that I had so much trouble with picking up on reading) was asking for books. That meant he would have to read. That's like music ringing in my ears.

Charlotte Mason said giving our children great books to choose from would give them an appetite for reading. My child has proven that to me. We have only been using the Charlotte Mason style of schooling for about 2 years now and I have seen a hunger for reading created in my DS. I have seen even my DD learn, not memorize, but learn so much by reading rich history biographies and living books. History and science was just not my DD's cup of tea, but since the living books, she love's to read them and can now tell me all about portions of history now. Sometimes we play a game while traveling down the road, I ask questions about things we have previously studied and they try to see who can answer them the quickest. My DD use to have a lot of problems trying to remember the answers, but since we come out of the text books, she gives her brother a run for his money, so to speak. We are loving our schooling. I am so glad that my DS reproved me and reminded me that we were not to follow the world's way and stick to the text books all the time, that we are to follow the guidance of the Lord and He will keep leading us on in our studies, showing us just what books to use to obtain the knowledge He desires for us to have about whatever topic we are studying.

My how the words can just pile up on the page when I start talking, or should I say rambling. I'd better cut this post off to keep it from getting any longer. so until next tiem, God bless you all, Traci

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