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Monday, August 16, 2010

Too Much Animal Science Can Be Embarrassing

     Today we had a busy day. First was dental appointments. Second to the library. And last was to purchase school supplies. Over all, it was a lovely day.

     While we were at the library my DC pulled poetry books from the shelf and copied a poem in their Copy Work composition books. This was their first Copy Work for the new year. They did their Copy Work page a bit different than we did them last year. Last year we just copied them on regular notebook paper or printed us some notebooking pages with pretty pictures on them. Today they chose to do their own art work on the page. We had bought them some colored gel pens so they wanted to try their hands in pen and ink drawing. I was so proud of their work. It really was good. Our Copy Work books will be very personalized this year if they keep this up.

     O.K. now for my title. While we were out shopping for supplies my DD decides she has to go to the restroom. I don't know that she decides this. So I ask my DS where she was. (Let me remind you, we are in a store where there are people within hearing distance.) And this was my DS's answer to my question. "She had to go scat." I immediately told him to hush, hoping no one had heard him. At some point and time in the midst of this my DD had walked back up and just fell right in the conversation by saying, "Don't worry Mama, I didn't leave any tracks." I knew then we had studied tracking animals just a little too much because I could have crawled under something. I can only imagine what others thought if they heard them. We joke around all the time at home about things we have learned, but that was not the time nor the place. I guess I should look on the bright side of things, they are definitely learning, many things.

More excitement or embarrassment later, Traci


Julie said...

Hi Traci. Thanks for the visit to my blog and the sweet comment. I have enjoyed reading your posts, you share a lot of good insights and this story here made me smile this morning. :) Hope you continue to have a super school year (ours starts Monday.)

Jimmie said...

Oh, that's just adorable! Scat and tracks. Actually, that's a very civilized way to put it. :-)

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