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Monday, August 16, 2010

Needing Charlotte Mason Advice

     Our family went out yesterday to purchase the rest of our curriculum for this school year. We had a great time. I think my children like going to get curriculum as much as I do.

     I knew what I was going to get for my math, but wasn't for sure what I was going to do for our Language Arts this year. I had thought about using Writing Strands, but had not given myself the okay so I was going to look to see what they had at the used curriculum store.

     I found Writing Srands and Simply Grammar while I was there. I thought I would just show them to my children to see which one would peak their interest and that would be the one we would go with, beings we didn't use a formal grammar last year. To my shock, they chose both of them.

     Beings they weren't that pricey, I purchased both of them. I thought I would just bring them home and thoroughly look at them and I would decide which one we would use. I like the content in both of them.

     This is where I need some Charlotte Mason advice. We already use copy work for our spelling(2 times weekly) and are going to write one narration a week from our narrations. I would like to add these two curriculums along with that. I would let one child work from Writing Strands while the other one used Simply Grammar and vice versa the next week. My question for advice is: Do you Charlotte Mason Moms think this will result in too much writing? I'm not sure exactly how much writing a 9 (almost 10) and 10 (almost 11) year old should be writing.

     I would greatly appreciate any advice I could get with this. I have only been using Charlotte Mason for two years and we've basically been just narrating, copy work, and reading great living books.

Thanks, Traci

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New Life said...

We love simply grammar. We are practicing a relaxed homeschooling this year.

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