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Monday, August 16, 2010

Tablets Waiting To Be Written On

     I read in one of Charlotte Mason's books that our children are tablets waiting to be written on. I had never thought of my children like that. But oh, how true that statement is. When they are born it's like having a clean slate in front of you, just waiting for you to pen something on it.

     My children's slates were blank when they came in to this world, but very soonthings begin to appear on it. As my children watched and listened things started to show up in their personality that indicated that someone had been teaching them something. They began to do certain things and before I knew it, they had many things written on their slates. Just from a small child's observance with their eyes and ears, many things had been penned on their slates.

     I noticed that everything that had been penned on their slates was not always good. I wondered how could that be. I have had my children with me. They've only been at home with me. How could they have some bad things penned on their slates. That's when it hit me. If I'm not living by and lining up with God's word I am writing all sorts of things on my children's tablets. Also, the books I choose to feed my children for their education is also writing things on their slates. The old saying, "You are what you eat," means a lot to a homeschooler. We are trying to raise our children up in the fear and admiration of the Lord, that can only happen if we are feeding them nourishing food/books that will lead them in that direction. The table we spread before them is what they will have written on their slates.

     Charlotte Mason was so true. Our children are tablets being written upon. The things we allow our children to do, the places we allow them to go, the things they watch on TV, the books they read, the things we do around our children, etc. are all being written on our children's slates. So I leave you with this today: What have you been writing on your children's slates? Do you need to get an eraser to erase some things and rewrite them? We are our children's teacher. They will become what has been penned on their tablets.

     I pray, God be with us all to write the things that would be pleasing to You on their slates. Help us all to know day to day exactly what You want our pens to drop. We can't make it on this journey without You Lord. We love You and give You all the praise for everything that has been accomplished and everything that will be accomplished. Praise your wonderful name! In Jesus name, Traci

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