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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Accomplishing Things

    My, how we have been busy, busy, busy! Since my last post dad & daughter were sick. Thank God it didn't last but a short spell. Thanks to them not being sick but about 24 hours, we did make church on Sunday.
     Monday was a big day. We had a field trip to a Science Center. The children had a blast. We saw more snakes that I would like to have seen, but that's all a part of it I suppose.
     I also got to go to my first Steve & Terry Maxwell conference. Our entire family enjoyed the sessions. We all received so much from them. I know influences were made due to the changes I have seen in our home. I purchased a couple of their books for my personal reading time. My daughter also purchased her a book that their daughter has written. It must be pretty good beings her dad has seen her reading it on her free time.
     Since the Maxwell conference my children have taken up balloon art. We have lots of inflatable creatures about our house. They are cute. So cute that I had to even try my hand at balloon art. I managed to get some what of a giraffe shaped. It was pretty neat.
    As for schooling, We finished up our first Literature book for the year, The Railway Children by E. Nesbit. Almost finished up our study on tools. Just a few loose ends to tie up and it will be done. We will be on lesson 24 in our math books tomorrow, so thins are moving smoothly in math. I'll report more on our Writing Strands & Simply Grammar at the end of the week.
     I suppose if I am going to try to stay on this new schedule we are trying out I'd better post more later. Especially if I am going to read afew blogs. Hope everyone's week is going fabulous, Traci

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Michelle said...

Hi there!! Galloping the Globe is broken down into the continents and then by country. They study china, South Korea, Japan, India, and Israel for Asia. Seven countries for Europe, three in North america, four in South America, five in Africa. They suggest literature to use. I got the Missionary stories with the Millers and Zoo Guide. We like them alot. They offer mapping and fun activities for each country. They also have a list of literature for each country which include history, biography, general references, and literature. THey offer a writing suggestion. A few science suggestions, different activities, holidays websites, and bible stories and verses. I ordered the book from so that I could get the cd with it to print out the printables much easier. The back of the book also has a dictionary page, biography report page, country report, and animal report. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Have a great weekend!

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