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Friday, September 17, 2010

Being Educated Through Reading

  I am so thankful that our family ran acrossth Miss Mason's method of education. If we had not, I would not be so familiar with using living books with my children. And, if  I was not familiar with living books this week we would be getting behind in our curriculum due to sickness. My sister had gotten sick so I had to take care of my two nephews, who are under the age of three. As soon as I had taken them back home, one of them got sick, and then the other. Of course us being exposed to the virus it was bound to come, so that's where we've been this week. Dealing with sickness.
   Due to all of this, school has been light. Great books have pulled us through though. We have still been able to school through read aloud. Everyone just laid around and the reading went on, the children picking up nuggets along the way. What a wonderful way to be educated.!
    We have also gotten some Narration, a bit of Copy Work, and some Simply Grammar done. My children and I are enjoying Simply Grammar being able to do it orally.
    In the past I would begin to feel so overwhelmed during times like this because we would be getting behind in our curriculum, feeling in blanks, etc. Writing doesn't go well when your tummy isn't feeling o.k. Simply Grammar has saved me from the stress and kept us moving along with our education this week.
   I look back on those days when we did just use curriculum and think how our days were so plain, no excitement, just our same old text books. Now that we have changed our method of educating, the children and I both look forward to our studies.
    I think the greatest thing about reading to get an education is that you can do it just about anywhere, home, yard, going down the road, park, etc. Time doesn't have to be wasted having to travel, etc. Another thing is our books have taken us all around the world. We are able to travel through time, through Space, sail on the waters, and trudge across the land within our own home. It's so great!
   Here I am again rambling. I'm sure you've gotten the idea now that we love to educate ourselves through reading. So until next time, EVERYONE HAVE A BLESSED AND HAPPY HOME SCHOOLING, Traci

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Sparklee said...

It's wonderful that your children are learning to love books! I hope you are all feeling better soon!

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