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Monday, September 13, 2010

Making Memories

     Well, we survived our wee getting back in to the groove of things. We didn't do all the subjects we try to cover n school, but we did make some accomplishments. We managed to get a few Math lessons in, along with a few chapters in our Literature selection, Narration (for one child), Copy Work (for the other child), & Writing Strands (one child) & Simply Grammar (the other child). That was enough for me to say we made progress.
     I suppose we just haven't gotten school work completely on our mind. Today we started our school work and then soon turned in to a restaurant. My daughter jumped right on board with helping me make home made chicken noodle soup that soon turned our table in to a restaurant area for her dad and brother to sit at with glasses of water with appetizers while awaiting their food arrival. She pulled out my soup bowl set, the cloth napkins, etc. She also had the candles and the soft music. She had everything real nice and we had our family lunch. It was lovely. I told them that our little restaurant meal was great, even down to the best music in the background (gospel). We couldn't have had a better time out somewhere. My daughter did a fabulous job serving and all. She gets an "A" in Home EC. for the day.
     Time for me to go, we are off to bowl for the night. We bowl some for part of our P.E. So got to get dressed to go. Hope you all have a BLESSED  and HAPPY  home schooling week. Traci


Arby said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I would love to open a dialogue with your husband on his blog as you suggested. Please ask him to turn on his comments section.

Be well!


Makita said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment re: our recent Shakespeare experience. You noted that you are considering seeing a play ... if you aren't already familiar, you may wish to check out this site:

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