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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Already!!!

 Time seems to be on a roller coaster these days, slinging us every way it can, tossing us about. We're holding on though and we're going to make it. The ride will be over soon and things will slow down.  We're so busy this time of the year.
     While we've been on our roller coaster ride school has been at a minimum. My thing was to push for writers this year so basicly that's the only thing we've been doing the past few weeks, other than them doing some free reading on their own. A math lesson has popped up here and there, but not enough to say that we have been doing our math. Although, they have been learning how to coupon shop. My mom has encouraged us to become coupon shoppers so we've taken a shot at it. I really think we are going to like this. After the first trip to the grocery store using some coupons they made a believer out of me. I could see why my mom was encouraging me to use them.
     Sorry I haven't gotten around to reading blogs much and posting comments lately, but this time of the year always causes my blogging to slow down. I'll be back around fellowshipping soon. I'm reading a few blogs as I can, but not near as many as I would like to right now.
     I hope all of you are having a wonderful school year thus far. A Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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living in Germany said...

Hi Traci,
This is a busy time of year for us too and my blogging (and reading blogs) slows down significantly too. Just got caught up with your posts; there is so much sweetness in your life. The apple pie looked wonderful! Glad I had some time to stop by and see what you and your sweet children have been up to lately. :-)

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