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Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

                4 Math lessons, 5 Grammar lessons, 1 Vocabulary lesson, 2 Literature lessons, 1 History lesson, 2 Geography lessons, 1 Science lesson, 2 Shakespeare lessons, 3 artist lessons, 5 read aloud sessions, 1 Nature lesson, & still time for play
                My, that is an enormous amount of work! All of my readers can quit gasping. I didn’t have my children tied to a chair with a book sitting on the table in front of them with the pencil strapped to their hand. We did have our pencil in our hand for some of these lessons. Some of our grammar was verbal, math hands on, geography locating places on the map, a few audios, videos, & the remainder of the lessons consisted of reading, a full curriculum with a rich variety. I can honestly say that we concluded our week with many accomplishments. Praise Be to God!
                My prayer to all of my homeschooling friends is that God would grant you many great accomplishments with your students in the coming days. Bless all of your home schools, Traci.

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