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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Highlights of the Week

                I just thought I’d drop in a post with a few highlights of our week just to show a little of my children’s work. Not anything tremendous, just a peek at some of the things that we are doing.
               The first peek will be at my children’s nature pages they did yesterday with our Parables From  Nature story.
                This first picture is the one my DD did. She has artistic ability, when she sets her mind to do so. She’s not always in that mood. In this picture I can tell she didn’t give her full potential. We all have days like that though so I don’t suppose I can say anything.
                The next picture is my DS’s picture. He has art ability, but has to be pressed for it to come out. Sometimes, if we have time, I will press him just so I can obtain an improved piece of work for his notebook.

                 Sometimes my DS has a lackadaisical attitude towards things. If he’s not enthused with the work I’ve placed before him he’ll tend to be a bit dreamy over his work. I will have to call his mind back to school because he has done let it roam to another world. My son has high potential in many areas, but only allows the light to shine on them when he desires.
                The last highlight for this week is my DD’s writing assignment for the week. She put forth more effort towards this assignment than she normally does. Her rough draft sounded a bit on a low level, (not rich sounding like the books we read were her words), so she took it upon herself to take out the thesaurus & advance the vocabulary she had chosen the first time.

                 I hope she recognized the smile that her final draft brought to my face when she read it to me. It was unbeknown to me that she had used the thesaurus to rewrite her rough draft. I was overjoyed with the new piece of work she presented to me.
                Writing is our main focal point this year so only you other homeschool moms/dads can imagine the excitement I felt, knowing she was trying to put forth such great efforts to make an accomplishment. I was delighted in her work.
                I am delighted in my child, but I know the greatest delight comes in my heavenly Father. Without him none of these accomplishments would have been made. He gets the glory for it all. Praise to his name!

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