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Monday, March 14, 2011

Back To Normal

Maybe things will get some what back to normal around here now. Our S. A. T. tests are over. I'm not sure who is happier, children or mom. Really, they weren't that bad. I think the main thing that bothered my children about them was having to get up extremely early to be there on time for them. My children have thanked God so many times for being homeschooled & not having to get up that early every morning.
Beings my children have not taken a test like this in the past we have spent quite a bit of time the past weeks taking practice test to familiarize them with what goes on. It will be so wonderful today just to get back in to our normal routine of schooling.
I just wanted to put in a short post so I could keep my blog updated. I'll post more this week after we get in to our books. Until then, everyone have a happy homeschooling this week, Traci

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