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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Change in the Weather

Brr, I don't know what has happened to all of that beautiful weather I was enjoying last week. Today, it is cold and cloudy. You know I am from the south when I say it is cold at 58 degrees outside. The wind is blowing so it feels colder than that.
Not much schooling is going on around our house today. I have been a bit under the weather & just haven't felt like bringing the books out. Maybe my children will take it upon themselves and do some school work later on today. I do have my children typing their Writing Strands story they did last week for Creative Writing on their blogs today. I am trying to encourage my children to keep their blogs updated. I want to use them as another means of writing. The old saying, "Practice makes perfect," That is what I am aiming for with my children's writings.
My children are using Writing Strands as a prompter for story ideas. I know we can use our other studies to narrate back from, but my son needs a little nudging in his writing so we use Writing Strands to motivate his mind. He just has to have a boost. I've seen much improvement in his writing so I am looking for the day that the writer is going to come out. I'm waiting, I know it will come in due time. I'll just keep spoon feeding him wholesome books to eat from and it will digest eventually.
For the most part we follow the Charlotte Mason style of education, but sometimes we have to tweak her methods a bit to fit our needs. Again, that is the beauty of homeschooling. As our child's teacher, we can determine the speed of our child's learning. If we see there is a problem in an area we can spend more time there. When our child is gobbling up the material we place before him or her we can zoom on to new information.
Happy homeschooling everyone. Until next time, Traci

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See Jamie blog said...

Yes, the freedom and ability to "tweak" is one of the greatest things about homeschooling!

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