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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Feeding the Appetite of my Child or Lesson Plans

Does anyone else have the same problem I do, lesson plans getting changed from day to day? It does not matter how much time I dedicate to sitting down and writing out my lesson plans, they always get changed, regularly.
Beings we are under a Homeschool Covering we have to have our school year finished up in May. I have several things I am wanting to finish up by then. My daughter must have other plans for us. Last night she pulled one of our volumes of our Junior Classics books off of the bookshelf in my bedroom and began reading the Three Little Pigs. Today she wakes up and decides she wants us to read the tale, draw pictures of the characters, write out character discriptions, and write an essay/narration on it. What do I do? We are working on her plans as I am typing, but I am trying to decide how will I fit everything I am wanting to accomplish by the end of this year in if I let my children's appetites be fed and do the things they are wanting to do. I don't want to discourage them from exploring in their own ideas. Help! Anyone else faced with this?
I suppose I should drop back over at See Jamie's Blog. and reread the post on how we don't always get to accomplish our goals We are schooling and they are learning so we'll just keep sailing along. The curriculum books I am using can not drive us.
Can you tell I am trying to convince myself that it doesn't matter if we don't get everything done?? I am the type that I like to make my plans and watch them vanish away as we do them each day. When I don't see my lesson plans moving, I question our schooling.
Not only are we working on an English/Literature lesson of the Three Little Pigs now, but we also like Tatiana's spring essay project over at World Star Academy
.so we have decided to do that also. My plans, my plans, my plans are falling further and further behind. There's just too much freedom in homeschooling. Thank God for that freedom though that we can teach them according to His & our plans & not someone forcing certain curriculums on us. As David said in the Bible, "Sometimes we just have to encourage ourselves." (paraphrased) I am feeling better about this change already. Until next time, everyone have a happy homeschooling


Heather said...

My lesson plans are overarching ideas, and the details are day to day based on how long we spend learning something wonderful!

KayPelham said...

We have been officially schooling (registered and keeping schedules and records)for 4 years. This year we have stuck to my plans and schedule like never before and I feel so proud when I look at the records. Checkmarks 5 days a week that we've done school. Most things done in the day that I plan them. And yet now that we're coming to the close of this seemingly perfect year I'm wondering was it really that good? Did my son really absorb it and make it his own? Or was mom too much in control and woo-wee! we sure look good on paper.

I've been pondering this the last few days and now your post has been pondering it even more.


Traci's Teaching Times said...

Kay, all the paper work has been heavy on my mind. Is it really worth it? I would rather slow down & have enjoyable moments. It seems as if the paper work drives me. I make the lesson plans out & keep my journal up to their standards, but really don't push my children. We do enough that the journal would pass their regulations. My battle is that when I see all the things we dind't accomplish then I feel like I've failed. I know we can't learn everything, but things just look so good on paper. Uh..... that paper work irks me.

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