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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Health - Physical Fitness

    With all the modernized things that we have accumulated in our home, we've neglected exercise. This week we've been trying to do something about that. Thanks to Jamie over at we've gotten out and gotten moving. Each day we've tried to walk two to three miles. Our goal is to do this at least three times a week. Should we manage to walk more than three days, that will be great. I think I am going to integrate some Health in with our walking plan. I have Considering God's Creation on my shelf. I can pull out some of the detective sheets that focus on the Circulatory system, etc. I also have this cute little set I found at one of our local stores on the human body.
    I really didn't want to get into another unit study before the end of our school year, but I feel like we need to have more of an understanding why it is good for us to be walking. We know it is good for us. But, why is it good for us?
   The human body kit that we found is from Discovery Kids. It came with a neat little model of the human body and its organs and two books that are very informational to be as small as they are.

   My hubby says they have some great pictures in them. I'll just throw in some vocabulary and a few internet links and we'll call it a unit study.
   Anyone with any cute quick ideas that will stress this portion of Health, we're open for them. We have three weeks of school left for this term.
   Hope all of you are having a happy homeschooling this week.


Charlotte Mason in the City said...

I don't have any tips except to cheer you on! I'm a big fan of walking.

Michelle said...

Praying that you're okay from all the storms.

Chef Penny said...

Yay for getting fit! We have begun running 5ks together as a family which means training 3xs per week.

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