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Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break is Over

Last week was a wonderful week. All of us enjoyed our spring break. We finished it up by having a chocolate party on the way home in the van. Dear hubby stopped at Walmart and bought Reese's Cups and a gallon of milk. We each grabbed a Reese's Cup and a glass of milk and our party began. We reminist about our week and then the children slowly faded in to sleep. Dad was driving so I blogged going down the road.
Saturday night we watched The Wizard of Oz together as a family. It was the first time my children had seen it. Lot's of childhood memories came back to me. My son's favorite character was the scarecrow. He thought he was smart. My daughter's favorite character was the lion. She liked the way his role brought comedy to the movie. Her favorite part was when the lion was on his way to see the wizard to receive courage and he was pulling his own tail and thought someone else was doing it.
Today we hopped back on the school wagon. We worked on our math, walked two miles, read Romeo and Juliet from Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare, watched the annimated version of it on youtube, and tonight we are watching a version of Romeo and Juliet on cable tV.
I think this about brings us currrent on our happenings. Hope all of you have been having a great schooling. Blessings to you all.


Becky said...

Sounds fun! I love taking a break and coming back refreshed. Our "spring break" was about a month. We'll school right on through the summer because it's so doggone hot here in Las Vegas! There is really nothing else to do but school and swimming. :-)

Phyllis said...

I was concerned about your family and the tornados. I assume you guys are okay. I am sorry that I am late getting our postcards to you, but it has been one delay after another. I plan to pick up a large envelope this weekend and have it in the mail to you on Monday, so you should get it by the end of the week. Blessings-Phyllis and family

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