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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peaking Their Interest in Shakespeare

                My children’s interests are being peaked. We went to the library yesterday for our book club presentation and this is what my children came running up to me with afterwards.

                These are two of the plays that we have read this year by Shakespeare. I say plays, but we are actually reading from Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare by E. Nesbit. We are also watching animated videos. All I am interested in this year is familiarizing them with Shakespeare.
                When they came running to me with the books that have a comic book style and wanted to check them out, I knew something had to be arousing their interest.
                Here’s what the books look like on the inside of them.

                They seem to be pretty basic, but appear to be great as a review. My children want us to act out the plays, using these books. They also informed me that I could be the queen so I could hug on the donkey (he he, such love they have for me).
                My children also found these books on the table that the library was discarding.

                Naturally, my children knew we needed them. “Especially this one Mama, so we will know how to act out our plays,” they are insisting. For $ .25 each, we brought them home with us.
                There’s going to be a live theatrical production of Julius Caesar about two hours from our home. We are hoping to get to attend.
                The Shakespeare interest is arising. I’m accomplishing my goal for this year, yea! Happy homeschooling everyone.


Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Hooray - sounds like a fun day. My kids, especially my daughter, is hooked on Shakespeare. We can't sell my husband on it. When we took him to see Comedy of Errors at an outdoor show, I had to elbow him to keep him from sleeping! How can you sleep through a Comedy of Errors - it's a hilarious show. Oh well, I still like the guy and he's cute, lol!
Have fun at the shows (the ones your kids will produce and Julius Caesar).

Becky said...

Shakespeare is my favorite school subject! I am so glad your kid are learning to love his plays already. How awesome is homeschooling? Answer: SO awesome! ;-)

Sarah Grace said...

I Know I love plays, especally Shakespeare. Thanks for buying the book mom, Love You Lots,
Your Loving Daughter,

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Homeschooling is sooooo awesome Becky!

If you have any pointers to me on how to teach Shakespeare please feel free to suggest them. This is all new to me.

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