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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Relaxing While Learning

                My family and I had a magnificent time yesterday. We finished up with what schooling we were going to do during the morning and then headed out the door to a party. We have a home school family in our group that is moving to another state so we all had them a going away party. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves very much.
                After our family left the party, we stopped at a Nature walk trail. It was so pleasurable and relaxing. I just sat down on the ground and breathed in the fresh air, listening to the sound of my children and husband running down different parts of the trail observing. I could tell this was the first time we’ve been to the trail this year because my children were ecstatic, calling back to me through the trees, “Mama, I found some sunflowers, here are some flowers that look like snowflakes, etc." There’s no doubt in my mind that they had a marvelous time because they are already asking to go again this coming week. I did eventually get up and walk the trail with them after I took in the refreshingness all around me.
                Here are just a few pics of my children enjoying God’s creation.

This is a very unique plant called a Pitcher plant which is carnivorous and eats insects.

Looking way down deep into the throat of a Pitcher plant and it's full of water, but no bugs.

Sarah stuck her finger down into the Pitcher plant to see what would happen.

Her finger was too much to swallow and probally too sweet. LOL

This is the flower of the Pitcher plant, looks strange doesn't it.

These plants grow in soil that lacks nitrogen and eat insects which do have nitrogen.

Matthew just had to try sticking his finger in the plant also.

He said, "Hey, you can feel it vibrate and get tighter around your finger!"

Pictures just don't express the awesomeness of the way thousands and thousands of these Pitcher plants glowed under the sunlight as far as you could see.

The trees also are of a rarity being that forest fires over the years have destroyed most of them.

A little Mother-Daughter time amongest the Savanna Pines and the Pitcher plants.

Sarah and Matthew, sitting, observing, studying, and absorbing all of the nature around them. It's God's classroom! I believe Charlotte Mason would have been happy to see how so many Homeschoolers use her methods today.

The Forrest Commision tell me that the Savanna Pines at one time cover the state of Alabama all the way up into Tennesee.

Could you even guess how many plants and trees are in this bog preserved?

The sun is setting, time to hike back to the parking lot before it gets dark and all the bears, bobcats, and panthers start prowling around!

Homework for today. Can anyone tell me what kind of flowers these are?

That's the end of our nature journey. I hope you enjoyed it like we did. It makes you want to get outdoors and find a nature trail doesn't it? If you do, think about all the nature that God created for us to explore and enjoy!



Charlotte Mason in the City said...

I've heard of pitcher plants, but have never seen them. I would be happy seeing just one....the abundance of the plants in your photos amazes me - WOW! They are funky plants, to be sure. Aren't you glad you stopped by that place after the party?! What a fun day.
Thanks so much for sharing the photos. I will show them to my kids, who will want to see them in real life, I'm sure. (And they would stick their fingers in the plants, too, lol!)

Sarah Grace said...
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Sarah Grace said...

Mom, I enjoyed it, It was fun.
P.S. Thanks for lending your shoes, HeHe

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Heather, if I had some way of sending you guys a plant, I would. It was amazing to see the life in the plants. They really did squeeze our fingers as if we were an insect. When they eat insects, they close up on them to trap the insect so it can be used for their food. And yes, I am so glad that we stopped by the Nature trail. The educational part was great, but I wouldn't trade the family time for anything.

Sweety Girl, you are so welcome. Besides, what are Mamas for?

Michelle said...

Fantastic!! I wish we had more spring like weather here. We're still in the 40s. Can't wait to see some sun and a little warmth. It doesn't get too warm here, only the 70s for the summer. Have a wonderful week!

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Michelle, I would love to live where the temp. was only in the 70's during the summer. It has been known to break the 100 degree mark here. Most of the time our summer days are in the 90's.

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