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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spending Time At The Gulf of Mexico

     We are having a wonderful time spending our spring break at the Gulf of Mexico this week. I have enjoyed taking in the breath freshing air and some reading while the children have enjoyed the water, sand, and cousins. Well, I suppose I have enjoyed the sand also this week. It has been so cool feeling to my feet as I have been walking in it and I've also have enjoyed playing in it with the children.
     I thought I'd share a few more pics with my blogging friends. We had gone walking down the beach and discovered some sand art that some one had done. Immediately, my children were ready to go back to where we were staying so they could create in the sand. Here's a few pics of our creations and others:

 A gator created by unknown artist.

A sea turtle by unknown artist.

An octopus by unknown artist.

A fish by unknown artist.

A dog laying down by unknown artist.

Homeschool artist Traci, Daniel and Landin at work.

Sand artist Sarah creating her masterpiece.

 Artist Matthew's dolphin.

Matthew's octopus eating a fish.

Artist Traci working on her turtle, between phone calls. LOL

Traci's sand art turtle.

Artist Sarah's smiling starfish.

 All children playing in the condominiums swimming pool.

Traci sitting by the pool with laptop sharing her homeschooling adventures to you.

     Sand art wasn't in the books for our lesson plans, but it has been done now and they had a blast doing it. Honestly, I didn't have lesson plans for this week due to our spring break, but I've seen my children learning and observing things this week that could be used for schooling. Homeschoolers don't get vacations. Our minds have been opted in to learning mode and we don't know where to stop.     My husband and I wasn't suppose to stay at the beach this week. We were to get my library organized. My sister kept at me until we did stay for two days. We have come home for two days and will go back again tomorrow to stay for two more days. So, that means that very little has been accomplished on my library being organized. All in due time, that's what I'm telling myself, it will all be organized in due time.     Well, got to go for now so until next time, everyone have a happy homeschooling.


Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Fun! I never thought to make sculptures like that in the sand. We rarely go to the beach, but I'll try to remember this project when we do go. I can totally see my family getting into this idea. (My husband especially!) Enjoy, enjoy!

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Lincoln City has an annual sand castle contest - it seems to take on alot more "forms" thant buildings. Jon did an octopus. You can enter as an individule in age categories or as a family together. I think we might do a family one next year, and then let the kids enter too if they want, last year was only kids, and I wanted to play too. ;) Looks like a fun time, our sand is crazy cold and our water is crazier colder up here in the North West!

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Found the post for it last August. Even then, notice how people are dressed - pretty cold! (60's? in August?)

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