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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting Fit Goals: Week 4

   As I had stated in my last post, last week was extremely busy for us so my exercising (walking) was put on hold a bit. I did manage to walk 2 days in the midst of the chaos. I got in seven miles. My motive is, "Some is better than none." I did my nightly exercises with the leg lifts arm rolls, stretches, and sit-ups.
So here's my update on my fitness:

Walked: 7 miles
Sit-ups: 18 each night
Other exercises: stretches, arm rolls, & leg lifts

Beginning weight: 210
Last week's weight: 198
New weight: 195

   Hip, hip, hurray!!! I met my monthly goal. I lost down to 196 lbs. and still have this week to go, yea!
Here are a few pic's of all the fun we've been having on our walks. I think Prissie, our dog, is having the most fun.

More updates later


Beloved's Bride said...

You are doing so wonderful!

I am not very good at doing crunches and leg lifts. It looks like you are doing well though.

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Seven miles during a busy week?! You're an inspiration to me, seriously.

And yes, I'm sure your dog is loving all the outside fun. :)

See Jamie blog said...

Hang in there! You're doing good! And looks like Prissie is enjoying it as well!

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