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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Little Chef's Delight!

Mmm, good!



   Strawberry pie, I wonder how well this will balance out on my scales this week.
   My son made strawberry pie for our dessert (Oh yeah, he wanted me to let all of you to know that he made it by himself). It was delicious. The recipe is his Me Mah's (My M-I-L). He did as good a job as she does. Me Mah may have some new help at Thanksgiving when she's doing her cooking.
   My daughter also helped with the cooking this evening. She made a marvelous potato salad. She used the basic potato salad recipe with a touch of her own zest. It turned out really good. I wasn't sure of it at first when we were discussing how she would do it, but I let her go and it was a hit with our family. She used new potatoes, eggs, mayonaise, salt, pepper, & dill relish as usual. Then, she changed from plain mustard to spicy brown mustard and threw in some bacon bits. It was really good. I give A's all around in Home Economics today.
   Oh, if anyone is interested in a simple no bake strawberry pie recipe just let me know. The one my son did has no cooking involved other than using the microwave for 4 minutes. It's a simple recipe, but good.
   It's getting late and I must hit the threadmill to try and burn off my piece of strawberry pie so I'd better go for now. More later.

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

My little guy thinks this pie looks awesome! (He's 6.) Strawberries come into season in mid-June. Do you have the recipe somewhere?


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