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Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting Fit Goals: Week 5

    This week was much better on my walking. I was able to walk every day this week. Actually, I made sure I could fit walking in my schedule every day this week due to me not knowing how much I will get to walk next week while we are at youth camp.
Between Home Economics and Library Read Aloud time this week, it's wonder the scales didn't shoot back up to my original weight. Thank goodness though, it didn't.
Here's my weekly report:

Walked: 17 miles
Sit-ups: 21 each night
Other: arm rolls, stretches, leg lifts
Beginning weight: 210 lbs.
Last week's weight: 195 lbs.
New weight: 193 lbs
    As I stated last week, I met my monthly goal. I lost down to 196 lbs. I went over my goal 3 pounds, yea! That's great! These extra pounds can help me out during youth camp. I just have to discipline myself so that I don't gain them back during youth camp Oh, how hard this might be beings we have chocolate lined up to take on the trip with the youth, mmm.
    Most of my walking this week was on the threadmill. My DS captured me while I was on there. Here's the pic.

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    I'll be posting my goals for the month of June probably Sunday, Lord's willing.
My weight loss may be a long drawn out program, but I intend to make it to my goal by the help of God.
I lost 17 lbs. in 5 weeks


Elton said...

Hey sweetheart, maybe the internet will work better tommorow. Love you!!!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Wow! Great job! I need to get motivated!!


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