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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Boy + Dog = Best Friend

     We are in to our second week and things seem to be moving right along. Everyone has been hard at getting an education, including my son's new puppy, given to him by a friend.

     Here's my son and Charlie "Bright Eyes" working on their school work. I suppose it will be ok for Charlie to participate in class until Matthew uses the excuse, "My dog ate it." If that comes up we'll have to let Charlie have P. E. outdoors while we do schooling. I feel like that is fair enough.
     My children are loving their Pre Algebra Step-by-Step by Frank Schaffer Publications, while they are waiting on me to order their Saxon 8/7. We have been working on Integers. They're catching on marvelously.
     I hope our school year continues to go as it is now. If it does, we will have some time for other things because our school days are scheduled out pretty good right now.

Hope all of you are enjoying your new year!

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