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Friday, October 14, 2011

Light, But Productive

      This week was a light week for us. The weather has been so nice I haven't been able to bring myself back to the books completely.
     In our English/Grammar this week we worked on writing Narratives. They quickly made a draft/outline of some facts about one of the things we did while we were out camping. After collecting their facts they wrote their Narrative. They only wrote one. We have narrated in the past so I knew they could handle that lesson with not any problem.
     Three lessons were accomplished in our Saxon 8/7 math this week. If I could only get then to pick up on their speed math would be a breeze. They have been acing every lesson.
     We started reading the Little House books at the beginning of the year for our Library read aloud. We are currently reading On The Banks Of Plum Creek. Even my DS is enjoying these books. He loved Farmer Boy. I so can't wait until they get to The Long Winter. That was my favorite when I read the series.
     After finishing up Where the Red Fern Grows, we started reading Pilgrim's Process. We are working our way through it slowly, talking about the journey that is taking place. I want my children to really grasp what is happening to Pilgrim on his journey. I'm trying to point out the encounters to them to make sure that they are paying attention & capturing the meaning of the story. Here's the only pic that we took this week. They were reading & dad snapped the pic.

     A bit of Home EC. skills were put in to practice this week as my DS helped me cook Chili for supper one night and my DD helped me cook a Key-lime pie another. We are squeezing in cooking skills all along our homeschool journey. I told them I'm expecting to have some great cooks when they get older, he he he.

     Other than a coupon trip outing & a bit of house work I think that about sums up our week. If you'd like to read more about other's week hop on over to Kris's blog & check out their Weekly Wrap-Ups. Everyone have a wonderful week!


Lynda said...

For a light week you still seemed to accomplish a lot. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I look forward to following your journey.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Isn't it wonderful to enjoy the outdoors in great weather?!

Sounds like a relaxing, but productive week!

My kids do a lot of cooking around here! I'm trying to phase myself out of the kitchen! LOL Just kidding!

Thanks for stopping by!

Alex said...

Thanks for stopping by! Thanksgiving usually involves a big turkey meal here too and family gatherings, but this year we didn't have one.

Chef Penny said...

I love light weeks! Couldn't you count the coupon outing as math? lol

Annie Kate said...

It's good to have a few light weeks...but I don't know how to manage that.

My teens are feeling overwhelmed, compared to their public school friends. I keep telling them they're comparing themselves to the wrong people, and that they are actually not as busy as they think they are.

We love the Little House books, too. Have you tried Little Britches? It's wonderful too, but only as a read aloud because of the rough language.

Thanks for stopping by.

Annie Kate

PS I'm your latest follower.

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