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Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Camping & Hands-on Schooling

      We have had a blast this week! First, Mount Cheaha in Alabama & then F. D. R. State Park in Georgia. The week has been filled with fun. Tomorrow it all comes to an end, back to home we go.
Here are a few picts from our week.

 Sarah & Matthew Welcoming you to Mt. Cheaha State Park in Alabama.

 Here they are at the highest point in the state of Alabama 2,407 feet.

 This is the Doug Ghee Accessible Trail which is a boardwalk that ends at an overlook.

 The boardwalk is about 1/4 mile long & is very well built & maintained. This is a pleasant walk in the mist of nature.

 Breathtaking scenery from the overlook. We saw Redtail Hawks & other birds. Awesome spiritual meditation!

 There are several places you can get off the boardwalk & follow hiking trails or giant stones for picnic tables like the one we used.

 Matthew was in charge of preparing the meat for our Hobo Burgers.

 Sarah was over the red potatoes.

 Here is one of four Hobo Burgers going on the grill for chef Matthew to cook.

 On the highest point is the CCC Tower.

Clowning around in the tower windows.

 As we were leaving Cheaha we visited the Indian Museum by the gate. Our little indians were on the warpath. Now we are on our way to FDR State Park & Warm Springs, Georgia.

 Our children checking the warmth of the spring water that stays a constant 88 degrees. They only fill the three pools two times a year.

 This is a scale model of the Roosevelt Museum & Pools.

 We are standing in front of the Little White House in Warm Springs.

 This is the servants quarters.

 Sarah at the fountains.

 Matthew at the fountains.

 The museum held many Roosevelt treasures. Here pictured is 1 of 107 walking sticks or canes, all very unique.

 Lots of exercise on this trip. Many hiking trails at FDR State Park.

 The children enjoyed the Jr Ranger challenge for patches.

 A short rest stop & forward we go.

Mama's short meditation time on a log while hiking.

    We haven't done any paper work this week, but have learned so much from our adventures. Sarah & Matthew have been doing hands on geography by navigating our travels with a map. Plotting the roads and calculating mileage between towns. Oh, yeah, we did do a little paper work this week. They have been working on their Jr. Ranger badges, & they also did a scavenger hunt answering questions about different things at F. D. R's Little Whitehouse.
     I think I am the one that has enjoyed the week the most. I wanted to go to Warm Springs for my 10th aniversary, but was not able. So this week has been a treat to me.
     It has been a bit nippy in the mornings for us southern folks. We have survived it though.
I suppose this about summarizes our week. If you would like to read other's weekly wrap-ups just hop on over to Kris's blog for all of the others. Happy homeschooling!!!


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Oh, how fun! We love camping and hiking! And cooking outside is the best!

Stopping by from the Weekly Wrap-up! All the best for the upcoming week!

Michelle said...

Absolutely fantastic!! What a great week!! I wish we had more places here to go, but everything is such a drive!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

See Jamie blog said...

What a fun week! It's been years & years since I've been to FDR State Park; I was probably in elementary school!

Phyllis said...

You are so much learning in these type activities!

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