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Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Weekly Wrap-Up & Give-A-Way

In My Life This Week:
    My week began so sweet. I sent my husband an email & asked him on a date to our back porch. He replied back with an acceptance so we slipped out before the children awakened & shared a hot cup of coffee with my favorite liquid creamer, white chocolate mocha, mmm. The week got even sweeter by Wednesday night. Before we went to bed my husband told me he had bought me a gift. "Hmm" my mind was thinking, "I wonder what this is for?" Turns out it was just an I love you and was thinking of you gift. (Wasn't expecting that this close to Christmas, especially since my birthday was only two weeks ago.)
    We have had another couple confiding in us that are having problems in their marriage so my husband & I was talking that they just need to keep the love burning. So while talking about them we started talking about falling in love all over again. That's why my hubby got me my gift. He's so sweet. The road has been rocky at times, but I love him more today than I did 13 1/2 years ago.
Here's a pic of my gift

    I cried when he gave me the cross. The first thing he ever bought me was a sun catcher cross with the words "Love is patient, Love is kind," the cross he gave me this week had those same words with a few more added. 13 years later & he's still got the same thoughts on his mind, me & our love. I'm so blessed.

In Our Schooling This Week:
    I'll just give a quick over view instead of a long report.

  *Math: Saxon 8/7 lessons

  *Literature: Began Robinson Crusoe

  *English: They are liking Robinson Crusoe so much they wanted to write their own story about being on an island by themselves, so that's what we did.

  *History: Read a library book titled Imperial Romans by Jill Hughes.

  *Science: Apologia: Physical Science Modlule 4 & researched the chemical reactions in our Amish Friendship bread starter bag that we are going to be baking next week.
    Our experiment taught us a lot about the energy, pressure, & gases that were in our bag. We learned that temperature & sugar plays an important part in how much our bag reacts. Here's a couple of pics of our bag.

You can see all the gas bubbles forming & coming together in these pictures.

I'm reading This Week:
    I'm actually reading two books at the present moment I am reading a Grace Livingston Hill book titled Crimson Mountain. I read it on my own free time for my pleasure.

    The second book I am reading is A Hope Beyond by Judith Pella & Tracie Peterson from the Ribbons of Steel Series. My hubby and I are reading this at night when we lay down. It is an audio. My husband & I enjoy reading great books together, even if I do slip in a Christian Romance from time to time. Our most favorite ones to read together are history, especially during the Pioneer days.

Give Away:
    I am having another give away on my blog. This one involves a Christmas book, Hot chocolate, & more. Drop over to this link & leave a comment if you are interested in entering. The winner will be selected on November 28, 2011.
I think that about sums up our week. Hope you all have had a great one.
    I'm linking up with Weird Unsocialized & Homeschool Mother's Journal to share our week. For more great weeks in other's homeschools this week, check out these links to see what others are doing.


Eileen @ Ordained Praise said...

My daughter is using Saxon too. My three oldest have used it. I love the Apologia Science experiment. I may be using Apologia in the future for my kindergarten student. There are so many wonderful posts about Apologia. HMJ is where I've learned about it. Boys and science just seem to go together for our family.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Oh, how sweet of your husband! Those little moments are the most special, huh?

LOVE how they decided to write their own island stories from reading a wonderful book. Learning at its best!

Oh, and my son decided that everyone should benefit from our first egg so he asked if I would make cupcakes with him. So, everyone had a little bit of the egg! (Since then we've gotten another egg.)

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