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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Value of Marriage

    Valentine's Day is next week. What is Valentine's Day? Who is Valentine's Day for? Most people connect Valentine's Day with the four letter word, "LOVE." Then they say it is for sweethearts. I say this year let's us homeschool moms say it is for married couples, showing that marriage is a good thing. Let's promote making marriage stronger & showing that it is a commitment by making a special week for your spouse, showinbg your children that marriage is a commitment & you have to keep working at it on a daily basis to keep true to the vows that we've taken. I intend on doing this by doing something special for my husband every day this week. I want my children to know that marriage is a special thing between two people that love each other, a role that is not to be taken lightly, that marriage vows are made for the good times & the bad times. I also want my children to know that spouses should always consider the other spouse special and hold them in high respect.
    Today most people revolve their family life around the children. Everything has to be planned/scheduled around the children's lives/schedules. That was not God's plan. He put marriage first & that is what should come first in a home. As I home school my children I plan to instill this in my children, "Your marriage relationship is the most important thing in keeping your family running in the right direction."
    I read this over in an article about marriage & I like it, "What I tell couples is simple: put your marriage first, and your children second. Make your marriage the sun, and think of your children as the planets that revolve around you, benefiting from your love and the solidity and strength of your relationship." This was written by Marty Friedman. To read his full article click on the title: Becoming Marriage WarriorsI think more couples should get back to God's original plan of a family & line up with God's plan, God, marriage, & then children.
    If we take the time to put some effort in to our marriage all it can do is strengthen it & in the mean time show our children the importance of making marriage work in a world that makes it too easy to let your marriage go.
    Let your children see this week how special daddy is to mommy this week. Do some little gestures/gifts in honor of your love & devotion to him.
Go for it!


Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Wonderful idea! I will follow your advice. (And I'm sure my husband will be happy about it, lol!)

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Our hubbies deserve some special treatment from time to time, LOL. Let me know how things are going.

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