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Friday, February 3, 2012

Getting Back To Blogging/Schooling/Etc.


      It has been a while. We got tied up with the holidays & then went straight in to remodeling our house so I haven't had much time for other things. By the time I did my regular household duties, home schooled, & helped with the remodeling not much time was left before I was hunting my bed. We are still not finished with the remodeling, but have slown our pace a bit. It has been very tiresome, but I know I will be so happy in the end. I am already enjoying my new bedroom with a new bedroom suit, (the first new one since we've been married, almost 14 years, yea!).
     As for our schooling we have been studying the Hydrosphere in our Apologia: Exploring Creation With Physical Science. It has been great! The experiments in the book bring so much enlightment in to our studies. They make things just come to life in our Science class. My daughter doesn't like Science very much, but is doing exceptional in it this year & is enjoying it. That's a plus for Apologia.
     We had made us a Literature list at the beginning of the school year so this month we chose Little Men by Louisa May Alcott to read. We are not on track, a bit behind, but we are trudging along in it. Great book!
     Definitely the curriculum is not running us or setting our pace because we are running quite a bit behind on our Saxon 8/7 math. Not that we don't like it or that the children can't do it, just making us pick up the book and working it is the problem. We would much rather be reading something so why bother with a math book. Help us Lord?
     In the past we haven't done a lot of studying on the government so we are working in a couple of books about the Congress, presidents, & the fifty states. I found a book at our local library titled The U. S. Congress by Don Nardo. The book goes back & shows how most of the government branches dirived from the Greeks, which is pulling in our Ancient History. My children are finding out that the Greeks seemed to have been very intelligent. Other than this one book we are reading, the others are just some fun filled fact books with different puzzles, stories, etc. in them. Enough in them to lay a good foundation to a government study. If any of you have used any great studies dealing with this, I am open to suggestions.
     I have to admit, we haven't done a lot of writing lately other than writing our Science lab reports so our Grammar/English has been put on hold.
     As for our house cleaning, we have been keeping up with all of the routines we were trying to establish, like doing the dishes daily, folding & putting all clothes away as soon as they are finished drying, & are now working on the habit of making beds and sweeping the floors on a daily basis. I am still swishing the bathroom from time to time when I go in to take my shower. This seems to be working great keeping the bath facilities decent. Over all the house is remaining presentable should company show up unexpected.
     I think this about brings us up to date so I can get back to blogging. Hope all of you have been having a wonderful time in your home schooling. I plan to get around to your blogs soon to read them.
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Our Side of the Mountain said...

Wow! You should VERY busy! Remodeling can be exhausting! (Not to mention everything else! LOL)

Oh, and we rarely finish a WHOLE Saxon textbook in one year. It usually takes the kids 1 1/3 - 2 years but we do everything, including the extra practice sets in the back of the books and tests.

Thanks for stopping by!

Michelle said...

Wow, that's fantastic!! Enjoy your remodel!!

don't worry about school, it all gets done in the end! lol

Judy @ Contented at Home said...

Oh, my, you have been BUSY! Remodeling is no fun, but the end result is worth it!
I've been wanting to say "thank you" for the Christmas card you sent--it was such a nice surprise! :-)

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Jessie, it's good to know we aren't going to be the only one that doesn't finish our Saxon this year, LOL.

Judy, I still had your address from the give away so I thought I would surprise you. It does home school moms good to get a little joy from time to time. Bless you & your family.

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

I've missed your blog posts and wondered what you've been up to. Now I know! Remodeling is a BIG job. We are currently painting our place and sprucing everything up, one room at a time, and even without remodeling, the job takes over our time and energy more than I expected.

I hear you about the math- we'd much rather be reading, too. :)

Nice to see you back!

Jessica said...

We remodeled our kitchen last year and I thought it would not be a huge interruption in our homeschooling but I was so wrong. We went to the library, went on some day trips, took our books with us....but it is hard. Looking back, I realize those 6 weeks were not going to "ruin" our year of learning. We keep going through the summer (very very relaxed) with math and reading and writing and any projects they want to do, so I try not to stress too much when something comes up and we miss a few days. In the end, it is worth it!

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