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Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap UP

     In Our Life This Week: We/the children have had a blast. We had cousins over from Friday until Tuesday evening. The cousins were out of Public school Mon. & Tues. & thought it was time to come spend some time with us. A lot of basketball was played, along with jumping on the the trampoline, to just getting out in nature. All of them enjoyed each other's company.

     We also still have the puppy. My nephew is suppose to pick him up tomorrow. I think we might miss the little fellow.

Here are a few pics of the children having a great time:

     I managed to get to my lesson plans on Wednesday. That means two days will be pushed forward because we only schooled three days this week. Well, I say that two days will get pushed forward, actually, my children have done some of the work off of those two days, just not all of it.

     Our Schooling for the Week: Saxon 8/7, three lessons this week, yea. We also pretended like we went shopping at the store (even though it was just in our pantry/freezer) to reinforce what we were learning in our math book, Unit Price, Rate, & Sales Tax. Here's a couple of pics of our pretend shopping trip.


     I gave each child a certain amount of money to purchase their items with. My daughter was surprised when she reached the register and was $ 3.67 short of what she needed to pay for her items.
It was rather funny. She just went to the pantry and began to grab, not figuring. I told her that is why you always figure your bill BEFORE you go to the register. She immediately decided the dogs would not eat this week, or at least not dog food, so she returned the dog food back to the shelf so she would have enough of money. Lesson learned, learning to figure Unit Prices, Rates, & Sales Taxes in our math is something I will need in life.

     Apologia: Exploring Creation With Physical Science: We began Module 7, Factors That Affect Earth's Weather. We began the weather experiment & will be doing our observation of the weather for the next four weeks. Also, we watched some weather videos. I'll put a link to the web site in case any of you need a site that has lots of videos to use for school. It has videos for all subjects.

     History: still reading The Summer of 1787, wondering if we may toss it. Had good reviews given to us on this book, but we just can't seem to get into this book. We are about to be on chapter 6 & still just haven't took a liking to it. Usually, by the time we are this far in a book we are captivated or at least interested enough to talk about it & discuss it. But not much talk has been going on about it. We are finishing up If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution by Elizabeth Levy today.
English/Literature: Yea! we did English this week. The children wrote their book reports on Little Men. We have decided that our next Literature selection will be Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes. This is a book that we wanted to read so we decided that we would read it while we are studying the Constitution so we would be along the same time frame.

     Helpful Home School Tip/Resource: the link where we have been watching videos from, There are a few videos that we have clicked on that would request payment, but many, many, many that we have enjoyed are free. Videos for all subjects. Check it out if you like integrating videos in with your schooling. I'm talking a few thousand videos.

What I'm Reading: rereading Things We Wish We'd Known by Diana Waring.

     My Most Favorite Thing This Week: watching my children battle out a debate in our Science over when the northern hemisphere is at its Aphelion point or Perihelion point. This was my favorite thing because remember my daughter has not been a Science fan until this year. After the debate, I would say she's on the Science wagon now. Even though one of them was wrong, I am proud of both of them because of the way they both were trying to prove their points.

     I think this about wraps up our week. I'm linking up with the HMJ & the Weekly Wrap UP..
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Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said...

Great idea, the shopping trip! Perfect way to have them learn to comparison shop and to shop wisely. I love it.

Jennifer said...

I just love it when my kids get into a big discussion over a school topic. You can see the wheels turning, and it's awesome that it's a 15 year old, 12 year old and 9 year old having the discussion. It's my favorite part!

And I laughed when I read your comment about our kids being related this morning. It's so funny that all kids think they're invisible when we're not looking.

Julie said...

So neat to be able to spend time with family!
I love the idea of the shopping trip! I always have my son guess an estimate of our shopping bill total. He'll look in the cart and say $5.00. Oh, only off by $120.00. lol. The idea of doing it just a little at the kitchen table is perfect. Maybe he'll get a better understanding.
Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Johnny Tremain is a great book - it was a favorite with my kids (and with me...I remember reading it in school).

I love the "shop at home" project!

Lisa said...

The "shopping trip" was such an awesome idea and learning experience! It looks like they had a lot of fun with their cousins, too. :-)

Michelle said...

How fun!! We enjoyed the time we were in IA visiting cousins and grandparents, therefore our school days were also shorter. I'm trying to get the kids caught up the next few weeks.

Have a wonderful week!

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Julie, we've got the future to look forward to. They may be off by $ 120.00 now, but it will come. The light bulb will eventually click on. I think sometimes as Moms we just get scared sitting in the dark waiting for it to click on.

Judy @ Contented at Home said...

We loved Johnny Tremain! I hope your family will enjoy it as well.
Great life lesson with the "shopping" experience!

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