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Saturday, July 7, 2012

3 Month overview of our life

                Short and sweet just to get back in to blogging, was remodeling our house, have a partial deck now, other half will come in fall, Lord’s willing,  but had to put it on hold due to a hospital stay for my dear hubby, due to a couple of more weeks of care after his visit not much schooling has gone on around hear since April, have managed to get almost my entire house decluttered, praise be to God, will make for a smoother school year, with no schooling nor blogging, feel like I have been lost from the homeschooling world, after eight years of it, it tends to grow on you.
                Have TREMENDOUSLY missed all of you guys, hope to get my blog going again with all of you dropping by, would be great to hear from all of you, gonna go for now so I can play catch up on your blogs and refresh my soul on homeschooling, excited to see what all of you have been up to for the past three months, HURRAY to Homeschooling!!!!

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