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Friday, July 13, 2012

Reading Can Be Rewardful

  Our family discussion tonight developed in to more than I expected. We began just talking about great living books. My children's minds went back to when they would do the Book-it Program through Pizza Hut. The old memories stirred up  a challenge in them.That is when a new program was developed, "The BrOOK-It Program." Brooks being our last name set the title in place. Pen & paper came out and the rules were written & have now been typed up & slid in to their folders. A new Enrichment Reading Program began around here tonight.
   Here's a copy of the rules & requirements we discussed as a family:

Rules: If You Read One Book Per Month You Can Get A Little Ceasars Meal Deal (A Medium Pizza, BreadSticks W/Sauce, And A 2 Liter Drink). Or A Fast Food Combo Meal.

Terms And Conditions:

Child Must Turn In A Folder W/Proof Of Reading:

1. Title Page
2. Introduction Paragraph
3. Your Folder Must Have Atleast 12 Vocabulary Words.
4. Conclusion Paragraph
5. Additional Items May Be Added If Desired:
     a. Famous Quotes
     b. Pictures
     c. Extra Definitions
     d. Narrations
     e. Etc.

BrOOK-It Program

  I, as the teacher, am requiring them to write the introductory paragraph & conclusion paragraph on seperate pieces of paper, along with 12 vocabulary words with definitions. If they can write those two paragraphs and give me vocabulary words from throughout the book, I'll know they read the book. The conclusion paragraph will tell it all.
   They have one month to meet the requirements of a book just like the Book-it Program at Pizza Hut. If they meet the requirements in a month's time span, they will be rewarded. If they don't, they have to begin another book for the next month. No reward will be granted without requirements being met.

My daughter has chosen her first book to be "A Promise to Believe In" Brides of Gallatin County book 1 by Tracie Peterson. This is a Historical Fiction book about life in Montanna around 1879 bringing out  a bit of history during the stage coach days along with a touch of romance, not so much romance that my hubby didn't enjoy reading it with me. This book also has a spike of mystery in it, enough to keep you wonderng what is going to happen next. I would recommend this book to others. I plan to read it again in the future because it was so enjoyable.
   My son has chosen his first book to be "The Sword in the Stone" Book 1 of The Once And Future King Series by T. H. White. This is a Classic book pertainning to the Arthurian period, Life of King Arthur legend. Now normally, I would not like this type of book, but for some reason my son began reading it yesterday and it captured me in the first chapter. Either my book reading habits are changing or this is going to be a great book. (Wonder if daddy will give me a meal deal for the BrOOK-it Program when I finish the book)
  This post has been long. Hope you stuck it out to the end. I'll post on how things are going with our newly developed program in the future. Happy Homeschooling.

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Judy @ Contented at Home said...

What a great idea, Traci! You have this planned so thoroughly. :-)

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