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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Getting Our Curriculum Together For The New Year

  Today I have been working on my lesson plans for the new year. Everything seems to be coming together well. We are going to try a couple of curriculums that we have not used in the past. They look good and my children seem to think they are going to like them. Hopefully they will work out. I will put a link on my blog when I have them all listed.
  When I begin to make lesson plans each year I find myself so thankful for my children only being 13 months apart. I know they are coming to the age to where they will want to venture out on some studies of their own, but as for the basic courses, our plan is to work them together. My son's last year we will just choose something different for him. I admire all of you wonderful Moms with several children and have everything just so perfectly lined up.
  My children surprised me today by informing me that they had chosen books to begin reading to get them back in to the groove of school. Not that they haven't been reading, just not chapter books. Can't hound them about reading when I haven't read a lot myself lately. I began me a book this week too. I suppose it is time for all of us to buckle down and get busy. We have been on break long enough.
  Speaking of getting busy, I had better go for now to get some other things done. Happy Homeschooling!

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