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Monday, August 20, 2012

Long School Days

Today has seemed so long and drug out. We over slept so you would think time would have gone by fast and got us behind. Instead, it has taken so long to make it through our school day. I did not, but so many times today I have thought about telling the children to just put their books away. After missing some time last week I know we really don't need to do that so I kept pressing on. Thankfully we have made it through the day.
We have also had a little visitor today, my 2 year old nephew. Looks like we will have him 3 or 4 days out of the week from now on. His mother has gotten a job. His brother started Pre K this year. My children and I have thought about racing the Public School and see if we could teach the younger one more than the older one would learn at school. Aren't we so bad.
I did not learn about the Charlotte Mason method of education until my children were 3 or 4 grades in school. We want to begin early with my nephew and see how it holds a standard to the way they teach in school. We believe he could grasp so much knowledge before it is even his time for school.
I suppose I will start putting together some pre school lessons. Anyone with any suggestions feel free to give me your input. I welcome the suggestions.
All for today around our little homeschool. I want to visit some more blogs so I'll go for now. Happy Homeschooling this week!

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