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Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up Week 3

     In Our Life This Week: things are about to get caught up from all of the side-tracking that was pitched to us. My children are really working hard on their school work this year, even my reluctant son. Both of them finished their week's work, along with the three days work we missed last week. That's a wa hoo! around here. For those of you that might not be familiar with a wa hoo, that is a thumbs up.

     In Our Homeschooling: Both finished their Saxon Algebra 1/2 lessons. My son does 2 lessons a week & my daughter does 3per week.

Matthew at his desk working on Saxon Algebra 1/2.

     We finished up Module 9 in our Apologia: Exploring Creation With Physical Science on An Introduction of Acceleration. We have felt like detectives in this module trying to determine the speed of different things. Then when we would add velocity (speed & direction) it would seem like a crime scene trying to determine who was going what direction & what speed each person was traveling, we've had a time investigating.

Module 9 experiment: Matthew standing on a step ladder & dropping a ball to be timed with a stopwatch so they can determine the distance from the ceiling to the floor.

     For Literature, we are moving right along in Oliver Twist. Maybe I can get a pic or two of a portion of their outlines to show how well they have picked up on an outline.

     Spelling/Vocabulary went well, except for the day my son informed me that he did not know some of the words I had given him. I laughed and said, "I don't want to give you words you already know. I want your mind to grow & feast on some new words." He did his work, but I don't really believe he like Mommy's answer.

     We began a new book this weekfor our Bible study, that I obtained the title from another HS Mom's list of curriculum, of which I am so greatful, thanks.

     We feel like we are going to enjoy this book. This first week has been slow about getting us into the scriptures, but it looks like next weeks lessons are going to have us digging.

     We only did one Shurley English lesson this week, but we also participated in an online English class through Alpha Omega so that gave us two English lessons for our week. It was our first time participating in one of their online lessons and my children really enjoyed it. They are doing a free class every two weeks on Thursdays, every other week until Dec. Today's lesson was for 7th to 12 grade on clauses and phrases. The next lesson is suppose to be on nouns for elementary grades. The teacher talks, gives examples of sentences. goes over the parts with the children, & then gives a sentence or gets your child to type in a sentence with certain requirements that the teacher has given. If a child puts a sentence on there that does not meet the requirements the teacher goes over it in a very nice way without bringing any kind of shame to the child to show everyone what should have been done. The teacher just uses that sentence for teaching. The class lasts 30 minutes. Although it did go over today about 5 or 10 minutes.

     As for our History this week, we chose not to open a book. We wanted to catch up from last week so we left history off so we wouldn't be so pushed.

     Growth Moments: Mommy has had a couple of sad moments this week. My children's entire school years I have worked on getting them to an independent study level. My daughter has obviously reached that point. She has asked for very little help from me this week (sniff, sniff, my baby's growing up, sniff, sniff). I did not realize how I would feel when they did become independent (sniff, sniff, she's only in the 8th grade, doesn't she need me, sniff, sniff). Here's a pic of Ms. Independent working without Mom, not needing Mom, Mom trying to offer help, but not being accepted;

Sarah working independantly.

Sarah sitting on couch and in deep thought over her schoolwork.

     Pre School Years: Here are some pics of my dear sweet little nephew working on his "cool work" as he calls it:

Daniel's "O, C, L." Not bad for his age. He loves to have school on our dry erase board.

Here he is playing & constructing with giant Lego blocks. His Uncle E had to help him build a big garage for his trucks & cars.

Daniel is studing real hard at the piece in his hand. "Hmmmm, what should I do with it?"

Daniel with a well deserved piece of chicken for a good student. Yum, yum!

     He never puts an "S" on any words that he says with "S". We have to drink milk hakes around hear. And one day they even had to have a herry on them. He can now say cherry. Although, the first time he asked for a herry I had to call his Mom and aske her what he wanted on his milk hake.

     I think that about wraps our week all except for the Park Day we will have tomorrow with our homeschool group.

     Linking up with Kris over at the Weekly Wrap Up. Happy Homeschooling Everyone.


Our Side of the Mountain said...

A fun learning week, Traci! I also strive for independent students. Not completely of course, but mostly. My oldest (9th) will be managing his time this year and keeping records. It should be an interesting learning experience!

Judy @ Contented at Home said...

It is a tiny bit sad how fast they grow up, isn't it? I can't believe my oldest is in 11th grade!
We have used Apologia for physical science and biology, and this year we will be doing my son's request! I'll enjoy following along with your physical science updates.

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